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Bishop C.H. Johnson believed that saints should have a place to fellowship between services.  God's Word & Good Food brought them closer together!  During those times in his basement & in the previous hall, his members became more like family.  We still continue this today under the leadership of our present Pastor Bishop Harry T. Lee, Sr. 

Now we have a new hall not just for our members, but also for the community.  Therefore it was fitting to name this hall after a man that believed in the importance of people coming together...

Fellowship is often times overlooked in the life of a Christian.  If you grew up in the church, you might associate the word "fellowship" as something your church family did by bringing a pot-luck meal for all to share after a special Sunday service.  We have continued this practice & hope that you will join us on any given Sunday for the Word of God, for good food, & great fellowship

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